The foundation of World Freedom Nations Ministries

World Freedom Nations Ministries is founded by Apostle Geovani Martha. From a young age he knew that God has put a calling upon his life. At the age of 21 Apostle Geovani Martha give his life to Christ. His christian life had a rocky started with many up and downs. Apostle Geovani thought that when he give his life to Christ all his problems are over. Unfortunately the opposed happened. Many times he wanted to quit and leave God. Every time that Apostle Geovani Martha wanted to go back to the “World” Jesus Christ showed up to show him that He is with him. Knowing that he has a calling upon his life he started to invest more time in God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  In the many encountering that he has with Jesus Christ he finally understood the purpose of being saved. After a period of long suffering God delivered him from all suffering. He got inner healing, God renewed his heart and filled him with great Joy.

Apostle Geovani Martha preach and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ with great passion. Jesus Christ convinced him of his unconditional love. That same love that Christ is giving him, that same love is available for all human being around the world. Because of the great passion for preaching the Gospel God told him to start a “own” ministry and call it World Freedom Nations Ministries. In the year of 2011 World Freedom Nations Ministries has been founded. Since then is Apostle Geovani Martha working on establishment and growth of the ministry.


“All around the world people from all nations that are praising God and acknowledged Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior”.   

Our vision is based on the scripture that says: “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord” , psalm 150:6. With the encounter and personal relationship that we have with Jesus Christ and the daily testimonies of what He is still doing in people life’s,  we know that anyone who will have a encounter with Christ automatically will praise and worship Him.


Our mission is to reach out to the unsaved souls around the world according the assignment that Jesus Christ has given us who believes in Him. According to the book of Mark 16:15 we need to go out and preach the Gospel to all nations.

To fulfill the commandment that God has given on to us we will:

  • Reach out to unsaved souls
  • Teach the unsaved about the Kingdom of God
  • Teach the unsaved about the Love, mission and passion of Jesus Christ
  • Baptized the unsaved souls
  • Heal the sick and delivered the oppressed ones
  • Planted Churches around the World

Our ministry wants to fulfill the commandment to preach the Gospel to all nations. We believe that by bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the unsaved souls, that after they accept Christ as their Lord and Savior, they will experience life in abundant.

Covering partnership

World Freedom Nations Ministries is spiritual covered by Pastor Mario van Keulen Rehoboth Church (headquarter in Tiel – Netherlands.). Also we have a convenant partnership with The Covenant With Jesus Christ Ministry, led by Apostle Chris Cox and Prophetess Ruthmila Cox.